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We are hiring top talent

Hiring Top Talent

Hiring Top Talent: 5 Attributes that make Nick’s Team Members world-class

We are always looking for top talent

It takes a certain type of person to be on the team here at the Nick McLean Real Estate Group. And Nick’s team has been hand-selected to meet the demands of an ever-changing real estate market with an emphasis on contributing to the team.

Nick and the Team have identified several attributes that help make a person successful when joining the Nick McLean Real Estate Group.

1. The first attribute that they look for is a general overall culture fit.

Is this person going to be an excellent addition to the team? At the Nick McLean Real Estate Group, a favorite word is “contribute.” Will this person truly contribute their talent, knowledge, and time to the team’s greater good? Do they prioritize the team and the clients?

2. The second quality we look for is being self-motivated.

Are you a self-starter and are you self accountable? Nick’s team has a motto of 100% accountable and 0% excuses.

3. The third quality that Nick’s team has identified is the ability to work with all types of personalities.

In real estate, you work with various personalities, both on the team and with clients. It’s essential to be a chameleon and have the ability to adapt to communicate effectively. People that are flexible and approachable, no matter who you work with, excel at the Nick McLean Real Estate Group.

4. The fourth attribute is someone who is open-minded and thrives in a dynamic atmosphere.

Nick’s team has a lot of pride in being the innovators in the real estate market, and this means that change and optimization are at the core of the business model. The team singles out open-minded individuals, willing to learn, ready to grow, and have the ability to change as the market does.

5. And last but certainly not least, the fifth attribute is a person who’s fun to be around.

Team members spend lots of time around each other, and often more time than the people in their personal lives. People that are fun, likable, and trustworthy around the office are very likely fun, likable, and trustworthy for our clients.

Nick’s team is always looking to expand the team’s collective genius. If any of these attributes resonate with you, reach out to the Nick McLean Real Estate Group to schedule a meeting and discuss the opportunities available.

If you think you would be a good fit, reach out! Call 509-670-5532