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Why you should choose Nick’s listing experts

Why you should choose Nick’s Listing Experts

How much would your house be worth in todays market?

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Local Listing Experts, Team Approach and Industry Leading Marketing

  • Listing Experts that Specialize
  • Expert Home Pricing
  • The Power of Marketing
  • Support Staff

Expert Home Pricing

Pulse of the Real Estate Market in Eastern Washington:

Selling over a home every single day of the year gives the Nick McLean Real Estate Group a strategic advantage when pricing your home to get the most money on your terms.

Any agent can give you a ballpark price or a price that sounds really good. But what is behind that home pricing strategy? Is that price just what you wanted to hear, will you really get that much and how long will it take?

By using up to date sales data and the expertise that comes along with listing agents who specialize in the home selling process PLUS unrivaled marketing reach, the Nick McLean Real Estate Group can create an auction-like experience making sure that you walk away with the most money and the best terms possible.

The Power of Marketing

The only way to get the most money out of your home sale is to expose your home to the entire marketplace.

The more people that see your home the more offers you will receive. It’s that simple. 

According to the National Association of Realtors 92% of homebuyers used an online search to buy a home last year.  

Our marketing department is constantly evolving to meet the homebuyers where they are, with a giant monthly marketing budget investment that puts our home sellers in the best position to maximize their home sale.

Our monthly marketing budget is in the top 2% of all Real Estate Brokerages across the entire country.

On staff professional video and photography, showcasing the best aspects of your home.

Support Staff

Our agents leverage the skills and expertise of the team.

Listing coordinators, on-staff photographers/videographers and closing coordinators, each stage of the process has an expert administrative team member that assists your agent.

From the listing to the closing you will have a team of specialists making sure that everything is on track, optimized and ready to answer any questions you may have.

The Nick McLean Group is built to maximize customer satisfaction and to give our clients a luxury home selling experience.